About us

EURO-WAY agency has been operating on the Polish market since 1999. We have more than 10 years` experience in the field of customs clearance. We make an effective and competent team with wide knowledge and provide a range of services.

We have been granted the AEO Certificate by the Customs Chamber. It proves that our company is a trusted entity using transparent procedures and taking care of safety. The AEO certificate valid throughout the European Union. We possess the status from 2010.

EURO-WAY agency is able to provide the logistic tools and to grant the use of simplified procedures in the customs legislation by finding the balance between customs control and trade facilitation.

We offer first-class, flexible services with high added value and provide excellent expertness and quality of customs, logistical and other services to our business partners.

We are opened on Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 18:00, and Saturdays - if necessary.

We invite for partnership.

Our Offer

At EURO-WAY agency we make our customers fully aware of their customs requirements. Our expertise ensures prompt clearance and excellent reputations with the Customs Authorities.

In trade of goods beyond EU we provide:

  • handle all kinds of customs clearance
  • simplified export customs procedure
  • filling in TIR carnets, transport documents (CMR, proof of delivery)
  • professional consulting in the field of customs law
  • lodging an appeal and other applications to customs authorities
  • bank guarantee to cover the customs taxes and duties
  • warehousing of goods

In trade of goods with European Union countries we provide: - preparing Intrastat declarations - statistical declarations - making out invoices - representing before the customs office


Obligation to submit the Intrastat declaration concerns the companies which are registered as tax payers and exceed statistical thresholds settled separately for import and export.

Assimilation threshold

for purchases 3 000 000.00 PLN

for sales 1 500 000.00 PLN

Detailed threshold

for purchases 42 000 000.00 PLN

for sales 76 000 000.00 PLN